What do you do for work?
Make art!

What do you do for fun?
Make art!

What do you do to relax?
Make art!

What do you do to cope with life?
Make art!

Schafline Art is a unique colouring system suitable for all ages, interests and abilities.

There's no need for any art training, simply colour in with a watercolour brush pen, then wipe away any ink that has gone over the lines with a damp cotton bud or tissue. The result is a perfectly coloured image which is very pleasing to look at and passes the time in a satisfying and uplifting way.

Schafline Art packs consist of 24 x A4 sheets (2 each of 12 different designs), each easily pulled out of the slide binder.

They are suitable for Occupational Therapists to use in group or individual sessions. They can also be used for Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, and for people with Parkinson's Disease or Dementia.

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Watch the video below to see SchaflineArt in action.

12 designs to colour in - 2 of each design in each pack.


Have some cotton buds and
a glass of clean water handy.

Colour in the image
with your brush pen -
you can go over the lines.

Dip the cotton bud into the water
then dab the excess water
on a tissue.

Wipe over the edges of the image
with the damp cotton bud,
and the white areas will
become clean, leaving the
image perfectly coloured in.